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About Cocoon Capital

Cocoon Capital is a Singapore-based venture capital firm focusing on early-stage enterprise and deep tech startups across Southeast Asia. Having closed its second fund in 2019, the firm invests in enterprise tech companies within the medtech, fintech, insurtech and other deep tech verticals. It has done a total of 15 investments till date and differentiates itself by working closely with its portfolio companies to unleash their potential.

The problem

Retaining control of confidential documents during fundraising

As part of its fundraising and due diligence processes, Cocoon Capital  sends confidential documentation, including sensitive information about its startups, such as financials, with potential investors. It is crucial to retain control over these documents so that they do not end up in the wrong hands.

“When fundraising for our portfolio companies, we have to show potential investors that we are doing what we can to protect any confidential information involving our firm and our startups.” said Will Klippgen, Managing Partner and co-founder of Cocoon Capital. “As a small fund, proper processes help us establish greater credibility amongst fellow investors as well as our our LPs. Doing so builds trust, which then helps us close investment deals more successfully. Any information leakage could hurt the portfolio companies and potentially our reputation.”

The solution

One secure location for confidential documents

1. Secure distribution of pitch information.

Unlike other data room providers, Digify also provides the option to send files securely without a data room. Using Digify’s unique document security tool and gmail extension, Cocoon Capital sends their confidential Information Memorandums and pitch decks as standalone documents in the fundraising process. The team gets instant notifications whenever these documents are first viewed, thus making it easy to follow-up with LPs promptly. When the deal progresses, the team can then send a data room with these interested partners to perform due diligence.

2. Easy yet secure for LPs to view.

Digify has options for access control, copy protection, tracking, dynamic watermarking, NDA and much more – all while ensuring that the viewing experience for LPs is seamless and secure. Whenever the team uploads new documents, a new file email notification lets their recipients click to instantly access the data room and browse through new files.

3. Cost-effective for multiple data rooms.

 Digify is more cost effective when multiple data rooms are needed. As the deal progresses, Cocoon Capital easily created more data rooms for different groups of investors, at minimal cost. This resulted in significant cost savings compared to other data room providers, which charge significant fees per data room.

The result

For Cocoon Capital, Digify is now their go-to platform for whenever they need to send confidential documents externally. The ease of access helps them save time in their fundraising process while the added security enhances their reputation and brand image for investors.

Digify has become an integral tool for their day-to-day workflows. Post fundraising, Cocoon Capital uses Digify for confidential updates with their LPs and to assist in the next round of fundraising for their portfolio companies.

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