How Efficient Energy sends confidential documents for fundraising due diligence

Find out how Efficient Energy uses Digify to keep control of fundraising due diligence files.

Efficient Energy is an innovative, fast-growing company that has developed environmentally friendly and commercially viable solutions for refrigeration. With plans for continued growth, it needed a simple and convenient platform with all the necessary features, such as document tracking and analytics, to help with fundraising due diligence.

We spoke with Roman, who is responsible for corporate development and investor relations at Efficient Energy, to learn more about how he keeps control of fundraising due diligence files.

Efficient Energy: pioneering sustainable refrigeration technology

Efficient Energy is an innovative German-based manufacturer and system supplier of an environmentally friendly refrigeration technology called Bluezero.

Their eChiller models are the only chillers in the world that use the natural safety refrigerant water (R718) as a refrigerant and offer excellent energy efficiency. The company also has a proven track record with well-known customers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Bosch and Siemens. The company is planning a global rollout in the future.

Why Digify?

"The main advantage of Digify is that it is very easy to understand. You do not have to call support to learn how it works because it's very easy to use. It's also very affordable price-wise."

Efficient Energy needed a trusted virtual data room to send sensitive files to investors during due diligence. In addition to its ease of use and affordability, Digify was their first data room choice for the following reasons:

Customize different levels of access with granular permissions

Granular Permissions allows Efficient Energy to easily manage and customize its investors’ permissions to files and folders.

For example, if certain data room guests only need access to R&D documents instead of financial documents, they can easily adjust their permissions in seconds.

Improve communication by turning on notifications

Efficient Energy could easily send a customized notification to investors to remind them of an important file update. It only takes a few clicks, and they can skip notifications for minor file updates.

Follow-up with investors at the right time with document tracking

With document tracking, Efficient Energy was able to get detailed information about which investors interacted with their files, from where, for how long, and how often. This was particularly helpful in understanding investor focus during due diligence.

For example, seeing investors downloading 10 times more intellectual property documents than marketing materials can be of great value to them. This way, they can take action and prepare for intellectual property issues before the next meeting.

Efficient Energy recommends Digify

"Doesn’t matter if it’s fundraising, M&A, exit or even IPO. I would use Digify for all those processes where virtual data rooms are needed.”

– Roman Herasymenko, Investors Relations & Finance, Efficient Energy

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