Medtech startup Omeza uses Digify for fundraising and sharing sensitive information

Florida-based startup Omeza was able to get real-time insights and email notifications on data room access with Digify’s virtual data room.

About Omeza

Omeza is a medical technology and consumer healthcare startup established in Florida, United States. Their mission is to restore skin integrity for individuals suffering from severe skin issues and increase healthcare efficiency one market at a time, starting with wound care.

The problem

Needed a simple, web-based data room solution to share sensitive documents

Omeza required a user-friendly data room solution with a large amount of storage and is able to support various file formats. As Omeza needed to securely share confidential files for purposes such as fundraising, they also needed a data room with analytics on recipients’ access and an easy to manage file and folder structure.

The solution

A simple all-in-one cloud-based platform to retain full control of documents after sharing

Real-time notifications to
always stay in the know

With Digify, Omeza is always aware of changes made in their virtual data room. They will get notified when their guests enter their data room for the first time – a feature that Omeza finds useful. They can also receive notifications whenever their recipients view, print, or download their files.

Intuitive interface makes it easy to rearrange files and folders

Omeza found Digify intuitive to use, especially in terms of rearranging their various folders and files. The platform is simple to manage, allowing Omeza to focus on what they do best.

Actionable insights from document and user tracking analytics

With Digify, Omeza is able to learn which and when a file has been viewed, by whom, for how long and in what order. This is incredibly useful as it gives them the insights needed to facilitate decision-making and follow-ups.

The outcome

An easy-to-use data room solution that checks all boxes and can be used beyond fundraising

Apart from the benefits listed above, Omeza picked Digify due to its affordability and a positive experience with Digify’s sales team. The company also appreciated Digify’s support for various file formats and large storage capacity.

Omeza is likely to continue using Digify for capital raising purposes. Beyond that, Omeza has also used Digify to share protected proprietary and confidential information about their technology, regulatory filings, and clinical results with partners.

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