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About RTD Learning

The Office Designer

Started in 2009, RTD Learning provides tutoring courses to help students prepare for the Alberta exam in Canada. Their unique curriculum aims to equip students with the necessary skills to ace the test. Part of their business involves distributing their proprietary course content electronically with students, parents and teachers.

The problem

Retaining control of course materials distributed online

Knowing that digital copies of documents can be sent easily to unintended recipients online, RTD Learning tried to avoid this problem by only mailing hard copies of course materials to students, or distributing them in class. However, this was frustrating for some students who could not attend classroom sessions or those who signed up at the last minute.

Stan and Marc, co-founders of the company, knew that they should consider the distribution of course materials digitally. However, they were concerned that they could lose control of the intellectual property in their course materials, which they have spent thousands of hours developing. Course materials could be sent to anyone or uploaded somewhere on the internet for anyone to view.

Initially, RTD experimented with emailing password protected PDFs, but realized the password could be as easily sent to external parties. Another document security service had frequent technical issues and the need to download extra software made it inconvenient for students to use.

The solution

One secure location for all their course materials

RTD Learning unique’s curriculum takes months to develop and refine, requiring input from teachers and other subject experts. Ultimately, after considering the large amount of time and effort it took to create their course materials, RTD Learning felt that it was worth investing in a better security solution to protect their intellectual property.

Here’s why they chose Digify:

1. Comprehensive document security solution.

Digify’s access and permission settings allowed them to have complete control of their documents. They can restrict document access to specific individuals and enable view only permission. The email verification step ensures that only students who have paid for the courses, can have access to the documents.

2. Convenient, zero-download viewing experience for students.

Digify’s easy-to-use interface makes it convenient for students to view the documents they need, even if they are using Digify for the first time. Since Digify is cloud based, students can access files from any web browser securely without downloading extra software. All they needed to do is click on the link, and go through a simple sign-in process to browse course materials.

3. Streamline distribution and tracking with data rooms.

Data rooms make it easy to organize and distribute multiple files. For each subject course, RTD Learning can upload all the relevant documents into one data room and share the access link with students. As an additional layer of security, the data room can be set to expire on a specific date that the course or exam ends. This immediately revokes students’ document access and minimizes the chance of them sending the content after the course. Detailed analytics also provide insight into how frequently students are interacting with their course manuals.

The result

Students can now access the course materials they need at any time, even if they could not attend classes or signed up last minute, thus facilitating their learning and exam preparation. Happier and more successful students in turn help RTD learning build its reputation and expand its reach to more students.

Using a document security or DRM solution like Digify is also key to protecting RTD Learning’s courses from being misused or stolen, which will be detrimental to their business. If their course materials are not secured and made widely available, competitors may refer to the documents directly without paying for their courses, or use it to conduct their own courses, thus eroding their potential revenue.

With Digify, RTD Learning can prevent the leakage of their proprietary content, better monetize their courses and scale their business in the long term.

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