Prevent SOC 2 and pen test audit report leaks after sending

Your audit reports contain extremely sensitive information about the company, which can lead to serious consequences if leaked. With Digify, you can protect your sensitive reports from falling into the wrong hands.

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Mitigate the risks of sharing sensitive audit information with outside parties

Negative press

A reporter can write a potentially embarrassing article on your company.


Your competition can use some of the sensitive information against your company in a deal.

Public confidence

Public confidence can be potentially diminished by disclosures of vulnerabilities or audit findings.

A single tool to help protect and track your audit reports after sending

Digify Integrated Solution

Control distribution of confidential documents

With Digify, you have the ability to restrict downloads/printing and automatically watermark your documents.

Restrict and revoke access to your files

Control which users can access your documents and revoke the permissions anytime. You can also restrict forwarding and set expiration dates for access.

Track recipient activity with analytics

Know where and when each user accesses all of your documents with Digify’s user analytics and activity log.

Stay safe. Stay in control of your audit reports. Pricing starts at $120/mo.

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Stay in control with document and PDF security

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