The complete file security API

Build secure and HIPAA compliant apps quickly with the Digify API.

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How it works

Enable your users to view PDF, Microsoft Office documents and images securely via an encrypted link in your browser, or embedded right in your web app.

Easy integration with your app

Generate a secure file link that you can send to recipients, or embed it directly using a simple iFrame.

Fast file rendering for a large variety of file formats

Encrypted files (PDFs, Microsoft Office, images) are displayed in Digify secure file viewer.

White-labeling available

The Digify viewer can be white-labelled.
(Add-on feature)

File security made easy

Simply apply document protection to your documents with just a few lines of code in a REST API.

Passkey encryption

Images and PDF files can be encrypted using a passkey. The same passkey will be used by the reader to decrypt and view the file in the browser.

Rights management

All files are copy protected (cannot be selected or copied) in the Digify secure file viewer. Restrict download and print.


Dynamic printable and movable watermarks show reader’s email address to limit the unintended spread of information. Printable watermark text, color and size are customizable.


Set an expiry date and time for files that are intended to be used for a certain period.


Set a self-destruct timer for files that are meant to be accessed for a limited time after opening. Ideal for one-time access.


Revoke function allowing users to take back files temporarily or permanently, even if the file is open in the browser window.

File statistics

Obtain usage statistics and analytics on how users engage with the file content.

File views

Track file activities such as file opens and the number of views.

File location

Check location and IP address from where files have been accessed.

View duration

Know how long the file has been viewed in the Digify file viewer.

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