Enterprise document security made simple

Information security doesn't need to be complicated. Ensure your documents are protected without having to purchase and integrate different security tools.

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One single platform for all your document security needs

Virtual data room

Secure and compliant VDRs with powerful features designed to save you time and help you focus on your projects.

Information rights management

Safeguard your intellectual property by controlling the access, usage, and distribution of your business documentation.

Email attachment protection

Have the option to revoke access to a file in case of errors or if files were sent to the wrong person.

Full document control without compromising team productivity


Safeguard your company financials and protect your bottom line.


Ensure IP protection in business documentation and mitigate risks of reputational damage.


Enforce employee data privacy by securing employee records and contracts

Integrates with tools that are already being used across your company for a more seamless workflow

Improve organization and customer trust with a fully white-labeled document platform

Document security can be simple.
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