Virtual Data Rooms – integrated with Box

Digify offers Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) to share, protect and track sensitive documents – integrated with Box.

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Used by over 500,000 professionals globally

Control distribution of confidential documents

With Digify, you have the ability to restrict downloads/printing and automatically watermark your documents.

Restrict and revoke access to your files

Control which users can access your documents and revoke the permissions anytime. You can also restrict forwarding and set expiration dates for access.

Track user activity with analytics

Know where and when each user accesses all of your documents with Digify’s user analytics and activity log.

Easily import files from Box

Digify’s room offers seamless import from Box. Once they have been imported they can be securely distributed with Digify

Granular Access Controls

Digify offers granular access controls, allowing administrators to define specific permissions for each user or user group. This level of control ensures that documents are only accessible to authorized individuals, and the right amount of flexibility required during collaborative processes.

Comprehensive Tracking and Analytics

Digify’s data room allows you to monitor the recipients accessing your files and data rooms, as well as the frequency, duration, and location of access. This helps you to gauge interest levels and follow up with them at the right time.

Advanced Branding Options

Digify’s data room allows you to present a more professional and credible image – you can add a personal touch to your data rooms with your logo, brand colors, avatars, and white-labeled URLs.

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