A one-stop security solution to prevent data breach

Protect your data from potential leakage with comprehensive security features such as dynamic watermark, print & download restrictions, and access control.

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Protect your critical data with Digify's layered protection

Digify seamlessly integrates various document security features into a unified platform, offering comprehensive data protection and minimizing the risks of data leaks and breaches.

Access Control

Add email validation, passwords and more to protect your files.

Print & Download Restrictions

Protect your files from printing and downloading.

Dynamic Watermarks

Automatically watermark documents with recipients’ information.

File Expiration

Schedule a start and end date for file access, or set a file to self-destruct.

Screen shield

Reduce the visible screen area of a file with a moveable filter to prevent screenshots.

Copy protection

Protect your files and data from copying & editing​.

Control and track your files confidently

Gain insights into who viewed your files, as well as the location and duration of views, prints, and downloads. Upon detecting irregularities, you can take swift actions to proactively prevent additional risks of data leaks.

Simple and easy to use

Security can be simple and effective. Our intuitive platform ensures users can navigate effortlessly without additional assistance, enabling them to activate features with just a couple of clicks, all while prioritizing security.

Security you can count on

Digify is certified for ISO27001 and GDPR compliance. We use the AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your files and protect them with top-end in-transit encryption, advanced TLS protocols, and 2,048-bit keys.

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