Stay in control of your files, even after sending.

Digify is a secure file sending app. It's super easy to use.
Available on the web, iOS, Android and for Gmail.

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Ultra secure & private

Copy protection. Print and download rights. Encryption. Watermarking. Self-destruct. Everything you need to stay in control.


Get notifications and statistics on who’s viewing your files. Know if your information is being forwarded or reshared.


Have the option to take back a file even after sending, so that you can recall files with errors, or files sent to the wrong person.

How people are using Digify

Sales & Marketing

Gain insights that will help you gauge client interest and close deals faster. Use Digify to get statistics on who’s viewing your proposals, so you can intelligently engage your leads.

Startup Founders

See if investors opened your pitch decks. Gauge interest by seeing how long they've viewed. Limit access to investor updates, due diligence and intellectual property.


Prevent your proprietary education materials from spreading into the cloud. Save on costs by distributing reading materials directly to students, while limiting print access.


Copy protect your design with Digify’s adaptive watermarking and screenshot protection. Self-destruct the work you send for preview and only release it after payment.


Use Digify for distribution of confidential deal information, to sound buyers out on assets and see who’s interested in your offer. Limit distribution to just the right people.

Gmail Users

Know what happens to your email attachments in Gmail. With Digify, you can see who’s viewing, how many times, and you can unshare files anytime if you change your mind.

Designed for security and control


Files in Digify are encrypted in-transit and at rest. You can also encrypt the files again using your own passkey for "zero provider knowledge" protection.

Securely hosted & compliant

We provide the necessary safeguards to support your HIPAA compliance needs. Our hosting infrastructure is certified for ISO 27001, FedRAMP, FIPS, PCI DSS Level 1.

Secret Mode

A controlled and sealed environment for maximum protection of your most important files (e.g. no screen captures, no running in virtual machines, no recordings).

Rights Management

Files are by default available for viewing only, no copy is stored in the recipient's device. You decide whether to allow them to print or download a copy.

Adaptive Watermarking

This patent-pending movable watermark brands a part of the screen with the recipient's information, increasing the barrier for screen capture even with external devices.


When files are sent via Digify, they can be set to self-destruct, Mission Impossible style. When the file self-destructs, it is gone forever and no trace is left behind on the device.

Tracking and view notifications for your files

Get notifications on your file activities, whether your file is opened, forwarded, printed or downloaded.
Assess overall performance of your files by tracking views, engagement and goals.
Understand how your recipients are interacting with your content and continue to optimize for better results.

Works with stuff you use everyday

Your Cloud Storage

Digify integrates with the cloud storage you love. Sync your Dropbox, Drive or Box with Digify, and send files straight from the cloud.

Your Gmail

Send email attachments securely with Digify right within your Gmail. No need to open extra tabs. Get Digify for Gmail.

Add to Chrome
Your Mobile Devices

Access files on the go. View received files on mobile devices via the Digify Viewer app and mobile-optimized web browser.

Android iOS

Get the award-winning solution for sending files safely

"Digify demonstrated it was the most innovative by highlighting a simple and inexpensive way to address a recurring challenge of controlling and protecting ideas and information." - Hugh Thompson, Head Judge of RSA Innovation Sandbox