Protect your security review reports from the wrong hands

Security reviews are part of every significant deal. SOC2 compliance reports and pentest results contain highly sensitive information that’s best kept out of reach of competition or the press. Digify’s document security can help you keep control of these documents, even after sending.

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Compliance Pen Test Security

Restrict access and distribution of your documents

With Digify, you can limit access to only the intended recipients. They will go through a simple process to validate their identity before viewing your reports. No client installation needed.

Secure your documents with automatic watermarking and copy protection

Sensitive documents can be watermarked with the recipient’s email. Contents are restricted from copy and paste, download and printing.

Be in the know with detailed tracking

See who is viewing the documents, where and when. Digify provides detailed tracking and analytics of the document viewing in the browser.

Accelerate deal workflow with click-through terms of access

Make it easy for your prospects to agree to your confidentiality terms before you allow access to your documents. Reduce the need for a separate document.

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Control and track document use with Digify

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