Send secure email attachments in Gmail and Outlook

With Digify, you can send encrypted email attachments that are tracked and protected directly in Gmail or Outlook, without changing your workflow.

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The problem

Email isn’t secure and your attachments aren’t safe

Today, you can easily lose control of confidential information sent in email attachments. When you send important documents as email attachments, you are sharing your information insecurely – unencrypted, untracked and with no protection over its contents. There is no way of taking back your attachments once you’ve sent them.

The solution

Complete encryption, control and tracking for your email attachments

With Digify, you can control email attachments in Gmail and Outlook after sending.


Send documents securely on Digify with encrypted attachments using the AES-256 algorithm, which is certified for top-secret documents. Learn more about Digify’s security certifications.

Security and rights management

Decide if recipients can download or print your document. Add a watermark easily and set your document to expire automatically. Revoke access to documents anytime. Learn more about digital rights management.

Attachment tracking and statistics

Know whether your recipients viewed your attachments, for how long and if they have downloaded or printed your file.