Digify for startups

Virtual data room for investor due diligence

For startups raising funds, it is often necessary to share confidential information with prospective investors. A data room enables startup CEOs to protect and control sensitive documents for due diligence in one secure location.

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Know if investors viewed

Get statistics on file viewing. Know when investors view your documents, so you can follow up at the right time for next steps.

Secure your documents

Keep your sensitive company documents encrypted and copy protected, so that you stay in control of these throughout the due diligence process.

Save time and money

Instead of emailing investors one by one, save time by sharing data rooms with multiple parties.

Engage investors effectively

Stage 1

Talking to investors?
Follow up smartly.

Get notifications and statistics on the pitch decks you’re sending out. Never have to ask investors if they’ve seen your deck, and know whether they’re interested with how much time they spent on your deck.

Stage 2

Due diligence?
Do it safely with a data room.

Have investors interested in your startup? Time to get yourself a data room. Digify provides a secure and easy-to-setup data room that allows you to distribute confidential deal information to investors while keeping control of them in case the deal does not go through.

Stage 3

Got investors?
Send your updates safely.

Keep the conversation secure between you and your investors whether you’re sharing financial updates, growth reports or intellectual property information. With Digify, you can limit access to just the right people.

Integrated with stuff you use everyday

Your Gmail & Outlook

Send email attachments securely with Digify right within your Gmail. No need to open extra tabs. Get the Digify for Gmail chrome extension.

Your cloud storage

Digify integrates with the cloud storage you love. Sync your Dropbox, Drive or Box with Digify, and send files straight from the cloud.

Your mobile devices

Access files on the go. View received files on mobile devices via the Digify Viewer app and mobile-optimized web browser.

Get started with data rooms that startups love

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