Speed up your M&A deals with data rooms that users love

Digify offers secure virtual data rooms that just take minutes to set up and share. It’s easy for recipients to access your important documents, so that you can close M&A deals faster.

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Digify Virtual Data Room

Trusted by over 500,000 professionals globally

What is a data room?

Virtual data rooms are used to keep confidential business information secure and have become the standard solution for managing partnerships, deals and business growth. By using data rooms, you can be confident that your sensitive documents are only being accessed by authorized people and that your documents are being used according to your rules and permissions.

Here’s why users trust Digify data rooms.

Secure + simple

Digify ticks all the boxes for security and control yet keeps the experience simple for senders and recipients alike.


Digify allows users to see who viewed your files, how long and from where – without asking the admin for help.


Digify data room pricing starts at $120/mo. Users can create multiple data rooms.

Who can use it?

Thousands of companies use our data rooms for business transactions

✔  Buyer/seller due diligence

✔  Merger & acquisition

✔  Startup fundraising

✔  Preparing for audits

✔  Board/investor communication

✔  Secure document repository

✔  IP licensing

✔  Joint ventures

Easy setup

No plug-in

Your recipients can conveniently access the files on any browser.

Easy invite

Invite hundreds of people to the data room by copying and pasting emails in groups. Invites are sent automatically on your behalf.

Easy import

Upload multiple files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. Organize files in data rooms depending on how you want recipients to access them.

Secure & compliant


Digify is compliant with ISO 27001, the gold standard in information security management. Our hosting infrastructure on Amazon Web Services, which is compliant with SOC 1 & 2, SAS70 Type II.

Securely hosted

Files are backed up with multiple redundant copies. Our infrastructure is protected by Web Application Firewalls. Automated scripts activate the protection when there is an attack.


All files are secured with envelope 256-bit AES encryption, which is certified for use by the NSA for top-secret information.

Detailed document analytics

Activity tracking

Get comprehensive analytics (who, when, how long, how many times) on which documents have been viewed, printed, downloaded.


See the trail of access for files by each recipient and the location of access.

Admin-level analytics

Access the analytics of account members’ data rooms for forensics and compliance.

Retain control of confidential documents

Access & digital rights management

Manage role permissions from co-owners to viewers. Restrict copying, downloading and printing in one tool.

Advanced watermarking

Customize text, size and color of watermarks for your needs. Place an additional movable screen shield to discourage screenshots and photo taking.

Access expiry

Give limited access by setting expiry on the entire data room or expire access separately for individual recipients.

Multiple data rooms at an affordable price

Simple & affordable pricing

Plans start at $120/mo. Enterprise plans are available for bigger teams.

Multiple data rooms

Create multiple data rooms for your short and long-term projects.

Create your M&A data room in minutes