Accelerate real estate deals with Digify

Data rooms for fundraising with LPs, and real estate due diligence by customers.

Digify provides data rooms that help facilitate and accelerate real estate deals.

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Real Estate Fundraising with LPs

Companies like Concert Properties leverage Digify Data Rooms for real estate fundraising.
Engage LPs in Real Estate Deals at Scale
With Digify, efficiently manage a broad pool of LPs, making it simple for them to access and review sensitive documents.
Strategize Follow-Ups with LPs Using Actionable Insights
Digify offers insights into document viewing habits, guiding you on when to engage LPs for moving them along in your process.
Elevate Your Brand While Impressing LPs
Create comprehensive due diligence portals that seamlessly integrate your brand through custom logos, colors, white-labeled URLs, and tailored login screens.

Due Diligence by Real Estate Prospects

Companies like JLL trust Digify for streamlining due diligence in commercial properties.
Speed Up Due Diligence with Prospects
Empower prospects to review critical property information, like information memorandums, while you maintain control over these documents.
Timely Engagement with Prospects for Agents
Digify notifies you when prospects have reviewed your documents, enabling your agents to follow up precisely when it matters most.
Effortless Integration with Your Marketing Platforms
Integrate Digify with your existing real estate marketing portals or use it as a standalone solution.

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