Add watermarks to your PDFs, documents and images

Fast, safe & easy. It just takes a few clicks.


Automatically watermark PDF and documents with your recipient’s email address for better tracking and security.


Customize the copyright text, color, and size of your watermark depending on your need.

Multiple Formats Supported

Whether you’re sending PDFs, images, Word, PowerPoint or Excel files, it takes a few seconds to add a watermark.

Integrated Digital Rights Management

At Digify, we are committed to your content protection needs. From saving you from having to manually watermark sensitive documents to giving you full document security capabilities so you can be confident that your data is protected.

How to watermark documents online

Step 1

Select a file you want to secure.

Step 2

Customize watermark text, color and pattern. 

Step 3

Send it!
It’s that simple.

Protect your documents and images with watermarks

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