Autify secured $2.5 million dollars in seed funding with Digify data rooms

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About Autify

Founded by Ryo Chikazawa and Sam Yamashita in 2016, Autify is an AI software testing platform that makes testing web applications easy for everyone. In July 2019, it raised a seed round of USD 2.5 million from Global Brain, Salesforce Ventures, Archetype Ventures, and several angels. Shortly after, they officially made their global launch.

The problem

Retaining control of confidential documents during fundraising

As Ryo started engaging potential investors for his seed funding, he needed to send more detailed company information such as financial projections and customer records. However, he did not feel comfortable with simply using a file storage service like Google Drive or using regular email attachments. There would be no way to prevent the documents from being downloaded or sent without his permission. 

Any leakage of confidential company information to outside investors or even competitors may negatively impact the fundraise.

Why Digify?

After testing Digify for himself, Ryo was impressed by its security and ease of use that made it perfect for startup fundraising.

Full control of download and viewing permissions.

Being able to restrict download access for potential investors was especially important to safeguard confidential company information in the early stages of fundraising. Digify’s copy protection and view only access further minimizes the chance of unauthorized sending.

Easy setup and organization using multiple data rooms.

When selected VCs moved on to the due diligence stage, Autify set up private data rooms for each of them to facilitate document sending. The drag and drop feature made it easy to upload an entire folder of documents into the data room. VC partners were also instantly notified of new uploads via email.

Knowing which investor viewed the documents and when.

Digify’s document tracking feature made it easy to monitor whether the right people were accessing confidential files. “I could recognize when my VC partners were accessing the data room regularly. That was what I wanted to see as it affirmed that the due diligence was on track” said Ryo.

The result

With Digify, Autify ensured smooth and secure document distribution with investors during its fundraising and due diligence process. They successfully raised $2.5 million dollars from Global Brain, Salesforce Ventures, Archetype Ventures, and several angels. 

Autify is confident that they can rely on Digify for their next fundraise to control their confidential documents and gain the trust of investors.

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