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Once a confidential document has been shared, it can easily fall into the wrong hands or spread online for anyone to see, download and misuse. A confidential file sharing service, Digify gives you the insights and protection you need so you can keep control of your confidential information.

Keep your confidential documents protected

With built-in encryption, copy protection, watermarking, you can securely send documents to anyone online.

Limit access to your sensitive information

Access control and digital rights management (DRM) lets you set expiry, and decide if recipients can print or download your files.

Know who's viewing your important documents

Know if your documents are being forwarded or re-shared. Have the option to remotely wipe access anytime.

How you can use Digify in your company

Keep Confidential Company Information Secure

Ensure confidential company information is protected with controlled access when sharing documents, especially for management, HR, finance and legal departments.

Control the Usage & Distribution of Content

Protect your intellectual property controlling usage and preventing redistribution of your content. Keep your proposals, participant manuals, market reports within intended and authorized recipients.

Send Email Attachments Safely

Digify integrates tracking and protection with Gmail and MS Outlook for safeguarding sensitive information that you send through email attachments and improving email security in the organization.

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