Use dynamic watermarks to protect your confidential documents

Deter leakage and unauthorized sending of your intellectual property.

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Automatically watermark important documents

Digify is a document security service that can help you protect your documents with dynamic watermarking. With dynamic watermarking, you can automatically watermark sensitive documents with the recipient’s email address and other information on the fly.

Save time and effort

With dynamic watermarking, watermarks are added automatically.

Deter unauthorized sending of important documents

As their email addresses are shown on the documents, your recipients will think twice before sending them without your permission.

Send multiple documents with several people

Watermark multiple documents at the same time using Digify’s data room, and send them with a large number of recipients.

Watermark your documents to keep them safe

✔  Financial reports

✔  Education and training materials

✔  Sales and marketing collateral

✔  Real estate portfolios

✔  HR policies

✔  Legal contracts

✔  Proposals and proof of concept

✔  E-publications

Complete document security solution

Make sure your documents are fully protected without having to purchase different security tools. Digify combines customizable and dynamic watermarks with file tracking, access control, print & download permissions, password protection, and much more in one single integrated solution.

Passkey encryption

For “zero provider knowledge” protection, you can opt to apply secondary encryption on your important files using your own password or passkey.

File analytics

Get a summary on the number of times your file has been viewed, the duration, the location from where your files have been accessed, and whether it was printed or downloaded. 

Print & download permissions

With integrated digital rights management, your files are by default for viewing only, no copy is stored in the recipient’s device. You decide whether to allow print or download.

Access control

Decide whether you want to make your files accessible publicly or only to invited recipients.​

Protect your documents with dynamic watermarks

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