Add Watermark To Your PDF, Documents And Images

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Built-in Copy Protection

Your files are copy protected with Digify (cannot be copied-and-pasted). Control how recipients access your PDF, documents and images - download and print allowed or view-mode only.

Customizable Watermarks

Automatically brand watermarks with your recipient's’ information for better tracking and security. Copyright text, color and size of the printable watermarks can also be customized.

Multiple Formats Supported

Whether you’re sending confidential PDFs, images, Word, PowerPoint or Excel files, you can set printable watermarks for downloadable files and movable watermarks for view-only files.

How To Watermark A PDF

Step 1

Select a file to share.

Step 2

Add security settings and watermark.

Step 3

Send it! It’s that simple.

Protect your documents and images with watermarks