About Digify

About Digify

Document security made simple

Digify is an award-winning cloud-based document security and data room software that gives companies full control, protection and tracking over your documents. It is an all-in-one integrated solution combining document access control, advanced encryption, file tracking, print and download permissions and customizable watermarks.

Companies use Digify to protect confidential information for fundraising and due diligence, protecting intellectual property, and safeguarding sensitive communications. Digify is the winner of the top security innovation competition RSA Innovation Sandbox.

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Why Digify was created

Before Digify, after a document is sent, control is lost. The sender does not know what happens to it. Even a heavily encrypted file, once decrypted can be copied or forwarded.

There existed many different solutions for document security, but it was fragmented, difficult to use, or simply expensive. Digify was created to achieve the balance of security and simplicity for our users, so that they can have peace of mind to share their ideas and content freely with just the right people.





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Our advisors

Steve King

Steve King is an entrepreneur, investor, and strategic advisor to venture-backed technology companies. In 2010 Steve joined DocuSign as president and CEO. Today he serves as executive chairman of Nuxeo Group, LTD. Prior to DocuSign, he led ZANTAZ as president and CEO.

Lee Ting

Lee Ting

A board member with Lenovo, Lee previously was a corporate vice president and managing director of worldwide geographic operations for Hewlett-Packard. He has over 40 years’ experience in the high-tech industry, including work with startups, industry leaders and venture-capital firms.

Keith Budge

Keith Budge

Senior Vice President, General Manager Asia Pacific and Japan for Genesys, Keith was previously senior vice president of Oracle Asia Pacific, overseeing numerous countries. He has over 17 years of executive and senior management experience in the software industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

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