Kinetic Capital uses Digify to launch a £200 million investment program and close partnership with KA Real Estate

We chatted with Stephen Grant, CEO of Kinetic Capital, on how he uses Digify to maintain control over sensitive information

For companies raising capital, using a secure and reputable virtual data room for due diligence is essential. After the capital raise, companies can use virtual data rooms for sending sensitive reports to investors.

We spoke with Stephen Grant, founder and CEO of Kinetic Capital, a specialized real estate lender focused on purpose-built student housing (PBSA).

Steve, an experienced corporate financier, is no stranger to closing deals. We chatted about how he uses Digify for various purposes to maintain control over sensitive information.

Kinetic Capital: redefining the standard for student housing funding solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in student housing, Kinetic Capital has an unparalleled track record and ability to underwrite purpose-built student housing (PBSA) transactions – with projects valued at more than £7 billion across 9 countries.

Stephen did not favor using file hosting services like Dropbox. He felt that a data room software like Digify provides more security, control, and understanding of who is looking at what files and for how long.

Using Digify’s virtual data rooms, Stephen completed 2 successful transactions – the launch of a £200 million PBSA investment program and a partnership with Kayne Anderson Real Estate.

Fair and transparent pricing model ✨

Stephen liked Digify’s transparent pricing for each plan because it was clear, reasonable, and offered no surprises to customers.

You always knew what you were getting into. It's very clear which features you get with each plan, and if you want an additional feature, you have to pay a fixed price per month. It's just so clear, and you can make a rational business decision that way.

Custom access rights and document tracking 🔒

  • Custom access rights
    The ability to assign different rights to different guests has helped Stephen to make sure that he can set differentiated permissions. He could revoke a guest’s access anytime, an extra layer of security for more peace of mind.

  • Document tracking and analytics
    With document analytics, Stephen was also able to see who has seen which file and for how long.

They can’t say that they didn’t receive something when it's all there. You get a great audit trail and an understanding of who is doing what with your documents.

Easy set-up, export and viewing across platforms ✨

  • Save time during set-up
    During set-up, Stephen found the platform easy to manage. He could simply drag and drop files and folders from OneDrive, and an index would be created in the data room instantly.
  • Export data room in minutes
    After two successful transactions, he was also able to export and download their data room into a .zip folder.
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop-friendly
    He also appreciated that the platform was responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet for easy access and viewing

If I thought, "Did I miss a folder or file?" or if I wanted to look up something, I can do that very quickly on my phone, and it works very well.

Kinetic Capital recommends Digify: value-for-money, easy-to-use and always in control

Digify gives you far more control, transparency, and visibility into who's doing what. These are features you only get when using a specialized data room.

Kinetic Capital has expanded its use case from fundraising due diligence to investor and board meeting communications. Stephen has recommended Digify to business partners and will continue to recommend the platform.

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