How Nuvo uses Digify for secure document sending with external parties and investors

Tel Aviv-based startup Nuvo recommends Digify for anybody who needs a virtual data room that is intuitive and easy to use

With the right financing and leadership, startups can develop rapidly in a world of constant innovation and creative ideas.

We spoke to Ari Klein, Investor Relations Manager at Nuvo, about their use of Digify for fundraising.

About Nuvo

Nuvo is a Tel Aviv-based startup that aims to reinvent pregnancy care. They developed INVU, a FDA-cleared, medical-grade remote pregnancy monitoring platform that integrates wearable technology with dynamic cloud-based data collection and visualization. With INVU, providers are able to conduct virtual well-being assessments with expectant mothers from any location.

Today, Nuvo has accelerated their development and continues to innovate and improve their technology to redefine maternal-fetal health.

Why Nuvo recommends Digify

“We use Digify for private investors mainly because it’s very intuitive and easy to use.”

Nuvo required a safe virtual data room to send sensitive information with investors. Digify was their choice of data room for the following reasons:

Simplicity of interface 🏆

Many of Nuvo’s private investors are doctors who may not want to spend time learning complex software. Digify is a simple option for individuals who want to send confidential files while maintaining complete control over them.

Know who’s seen your files
and for how long 👀

“If the investors go into a data room and spend hours viewing our files, or if they download an entire data room, you can get a little more indication of how serious they are and how much time they’re investing into it.”

Plus points for using Digify’s data rooms

➕  Notify investors everytime a new document’s been uploaded

➕  Set expiry dates and times to files and data rooms

    • With Novu growing rapidly, there may well be outdated files in their data rooms. Digify’s expiry and self-destruct features help guarantee that only the right people have access to their latest material.

“It’s a great software, and it has helped us a lot.”

Digify has aided Nuvo’s fundraising efforts by facilitating secure document sending with external parties and investors. After using Digify for years, Nuvo recommends Digify for anybody who needs a virtual data room as it is intuitive and easy to use.

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