Professional Aviation Training Academy - Malta (Malta School of Flying) uses Digify to send training materials securely

Find out how Professional Aviation Training Academy - Malta (Malta School of Flying) uses Digify to store and send confidential training material securely.

Malta School of Flying spent significant resources on developing its intellectual property for its training manuals. They also had to comply with new regulations for tests so that they could be sent to students during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Therefore, it is doubly important for them to protect their important documents from the wrong hands.

We spoke with Iselle, a Manager at Malta School of Flying on how their Training Department has been using Digify to store and send confidential training material.

“It’s important to protect our intellectual property from competition. We spend a lot of time preparing these according to EU regulations.”

Malta School of Flying: one of the biggest aviation training academies in Malta

Malta School of Flying, trading as Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta, was founded in 2004 and has more than 17 years of experience in the flight training industry. 

With a 100% safety record, Malta School of Flying is one of the most established, long-standing flight schools in Malta with a large team of highly qualified instructors and a fleet of 10 training aircraft.

Why Digify?

Malta School of Flying was initially unprepared for the changing rules and regulations at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as its available PDF manuals could not be used for online courses.

The flight school then realized the importance of providing tests and learning materials online in a way that’s acceptable to the authorities. If they were unable to find a way to do so securely, there is a possibility that they may infringe regulations.

After browsing and trying various document security and data room software, Digify ticked all the boxes for Malta School of Flying for various reasons.

No worrying over leaks with a strong document security software

Digify had all the security features that Malta School of Flying needed when it came to protecting training materials from being leaked.

With the ability to revoke access, restrict print, and download among other features, the company was able to convince the relevant authorities that they could indeed use Digify to send resources to customers in a secure manner.

Save time with simple and straightforward UX/UI

Iselle quickly learned how to navigate Digify and use the platform, with minimal effort.

"We really needed to cut down on the time staff have to spend learning how to set things up."

It was so easy to use that it did not take her long to get Malta School of Flying’s busy faculty into Digify. The same goes for the students and customers. Ease of use is critical because students would be less inclined to use Digify for learning if it wasn’t user-friendly, which defeats the purpose.

Customizable, dynamic watermarks were a plus point

Malta School of Flying used Digify’s dynamic watermarking feature for additional documents they had to send but did not want others to make copies of, such as contracts and draft agreements.

A recipient’s information is stamped on files upon access with Digify’s dynamic watermarks, creating a greater barrier to unauthorized sending.

Malta School of Flying recommends Digify

Malta School of Flying still uses Digify today and has students living abroad who study and take tests through the platform.

"Even though students can return to physical classes, we still send presentations through Digify in a secure format. This is something we have not been able to do in the past."

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