AutoFill Technologies uses Digify for €2.6 million in pre-Series A funding

AutoFill uses Digify to send confidential information with prospective investors and board members before, during, and after the fundraising process.

For startups raising capital, it is often necessary to send sensitive information with potential investors. A data room can help startup founders secure and control important documents in a single, secure repository during the due diligence process.

We spoke with Stefan Verhoeven, CFO and co-founder of AutoFill Technologies, about how they use Digify to protect sensitive information.

AutoFill Tech: a Dutch startup transforming inspection workflows in the automotive and rail industries

Currently, the most object inspections in the automotive and rail industries are done by humans. AutoFill was the first to develop a system that combines machine vision technology and multi-sensor data fusion to detect problems and improve the accuracy of quality standards.

AutoFill’s technology removes the limitations imposed by the usual human intervention, improving safety and accuracy standards while providing significant financial savings for businesses.

Why Digify: modern, easy to configure & pricing that works well for startups

AutoFill required a secure document security platform to send confidential information with prospective investors and board members before, during, and after the fundraising process.

Stefan is no stranger to data room services as his background is in finance. He has tried all sorts of solutions, and felt that traditional data rooms can sometimes be costly and complex to use.

After signing up for a free trial with Digify, he found Digify suitable for a startup like AutoFill because of its price and ease-of-use.

A modern, next-generation virtual data room ✨

As opposed to traditional VDRs, Digify is a simpler option as its user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Modern solutions like Digify are also constantly innovating and evolving their features at a quicker pace.

“We found it (Digify) to be more modern, making use of the latest technologies, making it viable and scalable for more parties,”

Document tracking and analytics to gauge recipients’ interest 📈

With Digify’s document tracking and analytics feature, AutoFill was able to see where people are “spending their time and interest”. That gives them a good idea of what part they need to elaborate and focus on when it comes to their pitches.

“Just the fact that people are accessing our documents means they are interested.
That gives us a good indication of where we are and what’s going to happen.”

Fair and startup-friendly pricing 💰

Aside from the features mentioned above, AutoFill considers Digify’s price to be affordable and startup-friendly (starting at $120/month). This is in contrast to traditional virtual data rooms, which can be very expensive.

AutoFill Tech recommends Digify

AutoFill successfully secured €2.6 million in pre-Series A funding, and Digify was used throughout the funding process.

AutoFill intends to grow and expand its business to accelerate the transition to a more efficient future in the automotive and rail industries, and recommends Digify to all startups looking to do the same.

Ready to get started?

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