Avant Meats uses document tracking and analytics to gauge investors’ interest levels with Digify

Biotech startup Avant Meats is able to see which investor has viewed their files, for how long and when to close deals faster.

About Avant Meats

Founded in 2018, Avant Meats is a biotech startup specializing in cell-based fish. The company innovates the production of safe and sustainable fish products with one goal in mind: for people to enjoy premium delicacies from the sea without sacrificing our ocean.

Avant Meats has expanded its operations from Hong Kong and Singapore, growing its presence in Asia in its bid to disrupt the US$60.5 billion seafood market.

The problem

Needed a platform with document tracking and analytics for actionable insights to drive deals forward

Security and control are obvious factors for Avant Meats when searching for a data room solution to send confidential files with investors. On top of that, Avant Meats needed something to help them work more efficiently.

This includes the ability to gauge how interested their investors were in closing deals with them – a feature that was not as well developed in other cloud-based virtual data room platforms.

The solution

A data room that can provide actionable insights to help companies focus their energy on interested prospects

No more guessing with
real-time analytics and insights

With Digify’s document analytics feature, Avant Meats was able to learn which file has been viewed, when it has been accessed, by whom, and for how long. This was useful in helping them tailor follow-ups with investors and customers.

Always in control of files
with dynamic watermarking

Risks of document leaks are greatly reduced with Digify’s dynamic watermarks. Recipients’ email addresses will be stamped on their files upon access, creating a greater barrier to unauthorized sending.

Save time by conveniently
scheduling expiry dates for files

Instead of taking additional steps to revoke file access, Avant Meats saves time by scheduling expiry dates for their files to “self-destruct”. This is especially useful if deals were to fall through, as not every investor requires access to all files.

The outcome

An easy-to-use repository to help track interest, improve file organization and make good impressions

Besides its simplicity, security and tracking functions, Avant Meats is able to use Digify to present themselves professionally to investors. Their investors have also highlighted that Digify is well-organized and user-friendly.

Avant Meats is likely to use Digify for future fundraising activities and is considering leveraging the platform for business development purposes in the future.

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