How PharmaCann uses Digify to keep track of confidential documents

Find out how PharmaCann uses Digify to securely share documents with their clients

PharmaCann invests in best practices at every turn to ensure people have access to the most effective options for feeling and living better. As it gains recognition as a trusted resource for alternative medicine, PharmaCann needed a platform to share documents for deal making processes.

We spoke with Jeremy, Associate Director for Corporate Development at PharmaCann, to learn more about how the company uses Digify to stay in control of their documents.

PharmaCann: Improving people’s lives through Cannabis

Based in the United States, PharmaCann focuses on the production and distribution of medical cannabis. Licensed to grow, process, and/or dispense medicinal cannabis products, they advocate for the legalization and acceptance of cannabis nationwide.

The company’s team aims to provide high-quality products, safe for adult and pediatric patients as well as for responsible adult use. They also aim to educate and support patients and healthcare providers on the benefits and responsibilities of medicinal cannabis usage.

Why Digify?

“We see Digify as a very efficient, safe, and simple to use system to store data and to manage deal processes.”

PharmaCann needed a centralized and secure platform for gathering and sharing information during the deal making processes. Besides its ease of use, Digify met their standards for the following reasons:

Securing business information

PharmaCann aims to ensure that their business information is always secure. By setting data room permissions according to the level of access they want their guests to have, the company is able to control who gets access to what information. This provides them with a secure way to send data both within the company and outside.

PharmaCann creates one data room per client and uploads the needed documents there. As they send it out, the company sets different permissions per guest to protect and track their documents as needed.

Saving time during dealmaking

PharmaCann saves time in the deal making process by uploading guests in bulk to a data room. As their data rooms are accessed by multiple users, they are able to efficiently upload multiple guests through this feature.

Digify allows them to remove data room guests at any time after inviting them. They can also remove multiple guests in one go. 

Digify Granular Permissions - Document Tracking

Organizing data more efficiently

PharmaCann organizes their documents by creating folders and sub-folders and setting granular permissions for each. They can store information in these folders and easily edit their permissions.

This has allowed for the company to keep track of all documents shared throughout the years.

PharmaCann recommends Digify

“I would definitely recommend Digify because of the price point, the functionality, and the ease of use.”

- Jeremy Nelson, Associate Director, Corporate Development at PharmaCann

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