Send Email Attachments Securely
in Gmail

With Digify, you can track and protect sensitive email attachments right in Gmail, without changing your workflow.

The Problem:
Email is insecure and your email attachments aren’t safe

Today, confidential information can easily be lost in email. When you send important documents as email attachments, you are sharing your information insecurely - unencrypted and untraceable, making it impossible to stop a potential information leak or security breach.

Document level encryption, information rights management and tracking

With Digify, your documents are encrypted and protected as you send them via email.


Attachments are encrypted using AES-256 algorithm, certified for top-secret documents.

Rights Management

Decide what recipients can do with your email attachments. Track and revoke access to files anytime. Learn more about Digital Rights Management.

Attachment Tracking

Know who is viewing your attachments. Have the option to revoke them even after sending.

Secure your email attachments without changing your workflow