Secure, flexible and scalable access control

Ensure that your files reach just the right people, while providing a seamless recipient experience.

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Manage access at scale

Efficiently manage access for thousands of recipients to a large number of files with data rooms.

Structured Permissions

A range of access tiers is available to precisely dictate recipient capabilities. 

Granular Permissions

Set precise permissions for individual files, folders, linking them with specific users or groups.

Guest Groups

Simplify guest management by uniformly allocating permissions to guest groups.

Simple & flexible access control

Adjust file access levels according to the content and recipient.

Anyone With The Link

Make it convenient for your recipients to view your files with basic verification such as passwords. 

Domain-restricted Access

Confine file access to your recipients’ organization by restricting it to their email domain.

Email Verification

Prevent link-sharing by verifying your guest’s email before they can access files.

Enhanced access security

Combine legal safeguards, traceability, and proactive alerts for optimal protection.

Legal Terms of Access

Require recipients to consent to legal terms against unauthorized sharing before accessing your files.

Tripwire Alerts

 Limit each recipient account to one device login. Receive immediate alerts for any suspicious actions.

Access Analytics

Get comprehensive analytics about file access, detailing the who, when, where, and how.

Automatic access expiry

Ensure secure and timely revocation of file access when it’s no longer required.

Flexible Expiry

Choose from expiry options such as start and end time, or countdown after opening.

Guest Expiry

Determine an exact expiration date and time for your guests’ file access.

Group Expiry

Set entire groups of guests to have their access expire at the same time. 

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