Here’s how else you can use Digify

There are many ways our customers are using Digify.
We’d love to share them with you.

Investor relations

Digify is often used by customers as a data room for due diligence during fundraising, where control of sensitive information is paramount. There’s more you can do to interact with your investors after you’ve closed your round.

Investor updates

Your new investors will expect updates about your company’s growth. Keep these updates confidential and also see which investors are the most engaged.

Board meetings

If you don’t already have a board, it may be time to set one up now. Companies use Digify as a cost effective boardroom solution to securely send sensitive board packs.

Next fundraising

When opportunity knocks and you need to fundraise, you don’t want to scramble to set up a data room. Keep your data room updated with Digify so that you can fundraise anytime.

Document security

Every company has information that is important enough to be protected. The leakage of such sensitive information could have serious consequences.

Trade secrets

Did you know that you can only take legal action against a leak if you can show that you made reasonable efforts to protect your trade secrets? Avoid both intentional and unintentional trade secrets leaks with Digify.

Confidential comms

Companies use Digify to communicate sensitive information to their customers or employees. This could involve pre-launch product designs or other information that could harm their reputation or stock prices.

Corporate training

Your corporate training manuals usually contain a wealth of know-how that’s specific to your company. If you’re not already protecting this information, why not take the extra step to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands?

Human resources

HR deals with lots of sensitive information, such as P-files, payroll and confidential job offers. With Digify, you can separate them from your usual file repositories for greater security.

Legal & finance

Your legal and finance departments deal with confidential contracts and agreements and financial plans all the time. With Digify, you can keep these information safe from prying eyes.

Remote work

If your team is working remotely, or spread across different geographies, it can be hard to maintain control over confidential company information. Digify can help you protect and track how this information is being accessed and used.


For some companies, it is necessary to share a number of sensitive documents to prove compliance. Digify can help you keep control of these and speed up the entire process.

Sales enablement

Digify can also be used to protect your company’s sensitive information when you are selling, and for insights to help close deals faster.

Send proposals

With Digify, you can track how your prospects interact with your sales decks, and follow up accordingly. You can also protect your price lists and custom proposals from your competitors.

Send audit reports

Your Enterprise customers will want to see your SOC2 and other audit information. These usually contain sensitive details about your company and processes. With Digify, these can be kept out of the public domain.

Close complex deals

Our customers use Digify data rooms to facilitate multiple, multi-million dollar deals. They use us to protect sensitive customer data and to track prospect interactions with structured deal information in data rooms.

Integrate & automate

Did you know that you can get more out of Digify by integrating it with other apps? Automate your processes – do more with less time and effort!

Gmail & Outlook

Did you know that Digify has plugins for Gmail and Outlook? With these, you can encrypt, protect and track your email messages and attachments after sending.

Protect web content

If you have content that you wish to protect on your website, you can do so by using special links generated by Digify API. With these links, you can prevent misuse of your content.

Zapier integrations

Need to integrate Digify with another web application? You can do so with Digify’s integration with Zapier, which allows you to automate tasks with over 2000+ other apps for improved productivity.


You can also make Digify work with Slack and get notified in a Slack channel when your Digify protected file is opened. This is helpful if you need team members to follow up quickly on a hot lead.


Selling ebooks on Shopify? You can automate the process of allowing your customers access to your protected content after purchase, without any manual effort.

G Suite

You can integrate Digify with G Suite products and create new automation workflows, such as logging all access to your content to your own Google Sheets.