Document expiry and
expire after opening

Limit access to sensitive documents with Digify’s document expiry and expire after opening features.

No credit card required

Choose expiry for different access types

Send expire after opening files to anyone with your link or just those you specify.

Multiple formats supported

You can use this feature for PDFs, Word, PowerPoint or Excel files, images, videos, or audio.

Set expiry at different levels

Use the feature for individual files, entire data rooms or individual users.

Set your documents to expire at a specific time

Want to limit how long your recipients can access your documents? Use the Expiry feature to terminate access to your documents at a specific date and time in the future.

Useful when sending

  • Sensitive deal documents during due diligence
  • Training or course materials
  • Confidential information for an set period
  • You can now set an Access Start date and time for your data room guests and groups, in addition to an Access End (i.e. expiry date and time).

Create documents that expire after opening

Want to make sure your documents are only accessible for a small window of time needed to read them? This could be useful for sending sensitive documents that should only be read once. Simply set the file to “expire after opening” and send the files to anyone with your link or just those you specify. This leaves little time for anyone to copy the document by taking screenshots or pictures on a mobile phone.

Ideal for when you want to send highly sensitive documents for a short time that you simply cannot afford to leak, like

  • Legal contracts and intellectual property
  • Financial performance and projections
  • Timed tests and exam questions

Secure your sensitive information
with document expiry and expire after opening

No credit card required