How Aurora Insight streamlines its workflow during fundraising with Digify

Denver-based startup Aurora Insight uses Digify to secure proprietary information and simplify the fundraising process.

About Aurora Insight

Dubbed one of 2020’s top startups to watch, Aurora Insight provides data-driven insights to help companies make better decisions in the wireless industry. Organisations around the globe rely on Aurora Insight’s data to help analyze, predict, and transform the next generation of applications.

In 2019, Aurora Insight raised a successful Series A round backed by top Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

The problem

Needed a secure way to share sensitive information with potential investors

As part of its fundraising process, Aurora Insight shares proprietary information with potential investors. After developing technology that was the first of its kind, Aurora Insight needed a tool to keep their documents and proprietary information secure throughout the fundraising process. At the same time, Aurora also needed a solution that would significantly cut the amount of time spent on manually watermarking files.

The solution

An integrated solution to streamline workflows, protect sensitive information and engage investors during fundraising

Save time with
automated watermarks

Digify saved valuable time for Aurora Insight with the automated watermarking feature. It was an easy solution that gave the company more time to focus its efforts on fundraising and closing deals with investors.

Track investor engagement
with real-time insights

Digify’s data room analytics provide Aurora Insight with the data they need to know how investors are engaging with their documents. This allows them to understand when to follow up with investors, helping them drive deals forward.

Control over highly
sensitive documents

With Digify, Aurora Insight  controls access to all sensitive documents. Aurora can immediately revoke anyone’s access to files once they’re no longer required to view them, preventing potential data breaches.

The outcome

Smoother and safer way to fundraise with more effective investor follow-ups

Overall, Digify keeps Aurora Insight organised and efficient throughout the fundraising processes, which can be challenging at times. Aurora Insight is likely to recommend Digify to others, as it is a secure and easy-to-use virtual data room solution. The user-friendly platform’s automated watermarking feature has helped them save time and streamline day-to-day workflows.

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