How Global Blue tracks and protects their reports using Digify

About Global Blue

Global Blue pioneered the concept of Tax Free Shopping 40 years ago. Through continuous innovation, they have become the leading strategic technology and payments partner, empowering retailers to improve their performance and shoppers to enhance their experience. 

Global Blue offers innovative solutions in three fields: Tax Free Shopping, Payment services, and Complementary RetailTech.

The Problem: Need to improve report distribution workflow

Before Digify, Global Blue sent reports via email to thousands of recipients. This included internal employees and external merchants located in different countries.

After the reports were sent, there was a lack of analytics on engagement.

To solve this problem, Global Blue sought out document security software. This would allow them to easily manage and maintain control of their reports at scale. They also needed it to give recipients an easy-to-use, unique place to access their reports. 

The Solution: Digify helps Global Blue track and protect their sent reports

✔️ Know who’s viewing, when and where​

With Digify, Global Blue has access to comprehensive document tracking analytics. They can see who’s accessing which files and data rooms as well as the frequency, duration, and location of access. 

Use actionable insights from document analytics

Global Blue can also revoke access immediately if a file is compromised. 

These insights are especially helpful for the sales team, as knowing whether their merchants have viewed their files is very useful for their follow-up efforts.

Measure relevance with document analytics

Global Blue is able to export its data room activity log to an Excel file (.xlsx) via Digify. This feature has sped up their workflow to analyze their recipients’ interaction with the reports. 

"Once an email is sent, you have no idea if the recipient has seen it. Digify helps us get an idea of who is connecting and who is actually looking at our documents. It also helps us understand if the document we are sending is relevant to the recipients."

– Roberta Verga, Corporate Reporting Manager

✔️ Preventing information leaks made simple

Global Blue sends numerous sensitive files to thousands of users, so top-notch security is crucial to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. 


How Digify helps:

  • All recipients have to validate their identity using a one-time code or login with SSO (Single Sign On) to view the report. 
  • Reports are view-only, or recipients can download watermarked content based on their access.


In addition to that, Digify is an all-in-one document security solution that offers additional features such as Dynamic Watermarking and Terms of Access.

Personalize each report with dynamic watermarks

Global Blue uses Digify’s dynamic watermarking for specific reports to personalize them with a recipient’s email address, date and time of access, IP address, and other custom information.

This makes anyone think twice before screenshotting or forwarding the link to someone else, as it can be traced back to them.

Protect each report with legal terms that recipients must accept

With Digify’s Terms of Access feature, Global Blue’s recipients must accept their custom legal terms before they can access the reports.

Once the terms are agreed to, both parties will receive an email notification and an audit trail can be seen. The report is then displayed to the recipient. 

Other Benefits

✔️ Improved workflow

In addition to security, Digify offers many other features that simplify Global Blue’s workflow.

Manage different levels of access with Granular Permissions

Having to deal with thousands of recipients with different access rights, Global Blue can easily manage and customize recipients’ access with Granular Permissions.

For example, if an individual needs access to all folders while a separate group should only have access to a single file, they can customize permissions in seconds.

Replace outdated files effortlessly with File Versioning

If Global Blue detects errors or typos after sending a document, it can replace the file with the latest version within seconds.

This is one of their favorite features, as it saves the team the trouble of notifying and sending recipients a new link.

✔️ Strong customer support

Global Blue has been very pleased with Digify’s support team and appreciates that the company is constantly listening to its customers’ needs and working on solutions to meet them. Digify regularly adds new and improved features to its platform to provide a better experience for customers.

The Outcome

Global Blue has been using Digify for years to send numerous files to thousands of stakeholders. The product allows for an easy UX, with  fast and always-on access to their reports. It allows Global Blue to achieve the best possible experience for their retail clients. 

They are also further integrating Digify into their internal workflow processes with the use of Digify’s API. 

The company is happy with the platform and definitely recommends it to anyone who needs a secure and simple solution to retain control of confidential information. 

“What I like most is the relationship we have built (between Global Blue and Digify). Many features were added after feedback was given from us. Digify always listened to our needs and tried to find solutions to help us.”

Roberta Verga
Corporate Reporting Manager

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