Tribe Technology Group uses Digify to protect confidential sales and fundraising documents

Tribe Technology Group (Tribe Tech) is able to prevent leaks, gauge stakeholders' interest and have full control over sensitive documents.

About Tribe Tech

Founded in 2019, Tribe Tech seeks to create a safer, more efficient work environment via the use of autonomous and safe drill rigs.

The first to develop a fully autonomous Reverse Circulation (RC) drill rig, Tribe Tech has since continued to expand internationally, with offices and production facilities located in Northern Ireland.

The problem

Needed a platform to send sensitive documents containing intellectual property (IP) and financial information

Tribe Tech mainly uses Digify to facilitate their fundraising and sales. For fundraising purposes, using a reputable data room solution is crucial for Tribe Tech to protect financial documents.

For sales purposes, on the other hand, customers would require access to Tribe Tech’s intellectual property. Thus, it is equally important for Tribe Tech to protect their IP and maintain control over their files with an all-in-one virtual data room solution.

The solution

An all-in-one data room solution to protect confidential files and intellectual property

Always in control even after sending files containing valuable IP

When sending confidential files to customers and investors, Tribe Tech would activate Digify’s Terms of Access functionality for enhanced security. All recipients must agree to their terms before viewing their documents.

Prevent unauthorized leaks with
Screen Shield and Dynamic Watermarks

Recipients’ email addresses will be stamped on files upon access, and a Screen Shield will reduce their viewable screen area to prevent screenshots. This adds another layer of protection against unauthorized distribution of Tribe Tech’s materials.

Gauge interest for better follow-ups
with document analytics

Tribe Tech was able to discover which file was seen, by whom, and for how long. This has helped the team greatly with targeted follow-ups. E.g. If a customer stays on a document far longer than another, they can expect questions about the document during their next meeting.

The outcome

A platform that gives Tribe Tech peace of mind as they will always know
what is happening to any given file once it is sent

Tribe Tech was able to maintain control of critical business plans and intellectual property throughout the due diligence phase of their funding processes. They’ve been successful in obtaining grants and financing from different institutions, with Digify being a major part of that process.

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