Track & unsend attachments with Digify for Gmail

Finally, you can know who’s viewing your Gmail attachments. Unsend anytime.

Track who viewed

With Digify, you will know if your email attachments are being opened, who’s reading it, for how many times.

Enable unsend

You have an option to unsend attachments in Gmail anytime, even after you hit send. That's beyond current Gmail's 30-second unsend.


Set your Gmail attachments to self-destruct after it is opened by the recipient, Mission Impossible style.

Add to Chrome. It's free.

Digify for Gmail, right inside compose

After installing the chrome extension, use the red Digify for Gmail button to attach files into your email.

Manage security permissions of your file

Decide who gets access to your file attachments, manage download/print permissions and expiry.

Send your email, as usual

File links are attached into your email message. You can control where you want the links to appear. Recipients just need to click the links to view.

See who viewed

Find out who's read your attachments. Now you don't need to ask your recipients if they've read your attachments because you'll know who's viewed it, and how many times.

Unsend attachments anytime

Use the "Track & Unsend Anytime" button in your Gmail inbox to see statistics or unsend attachments. If you unsend, the recipient will no longer be able to open your file.

Take control of your Gmail attachments today

Add to Chrome. It's free.

"It's a lot easier to secure documents with this extension. A real time saver." - Elliot Bourne

"I find it indispensable. I bought a Chromebook recently and it is one of the first extensions that I installed." - Len Kwok

"Love this Gmail add-on by Digify. Works like a normal attachment; and I have full control over the docs I sent even after they have reached the inbox of my recipients." - SK Ng